Almost all of the merchandise you see in our store was printed, pressed, cut or folded by us (or any combination of those). We are looking to expand what we offer and keep expanding, so the best way to find out exactly what we do is to contact us. As of right now, here is what we can do:


T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, button-ups, polos, long sleeves, undies we can print on nearly any piece of clothing you can think of. We can use either standard ink (plastisol) or vintage-style ink (discharge), which is a bleaching & dyeing process that leaves the print soft to the touch. Pricing on t-shirts can range quite a bit due to many variables, such as the quantity of shirts ordered, color and style of shirts, number of ink colors, etc. Please contact us for pricing.


In our experience with band merchandise and touring, the 1 button definitely has the largest profit margin of all things sold at the table. Its quite popular, too! For you, we can make full-color buttons and metallic silver buttons.

To see examples, click these links: full-color, metallic.

The minimum order for buttons is 25 per design, and prices are as follows:

B&W/Full-Color = $0.22 each.

Metallic = $0.25 each.

On orders over 1000 or more buttons, US ground shipping is free. For artwork file info, payment and other details, please contact us.

FLAT PRINTS (stickers, patches, 7" covers, posters, etc.)

We do have a flat press, so we can print numerous flat things as well. Prices vary! We can cut your stickers, patches, etc. for you, though that increases the price a little. Again, you will have to contact us with your order and we will let you know the pricing.